apples – from tree to pie

It’s such a beautiful time at the moment, settled hot days, heaps of food growing in the garden, cicadas roaring away…

We’ve got a lovely apple tree in our backyard. Unfortunately it’s got codling moth, but that’s not too bad – I just have to cut around the moth-holes when cutting up the apples. They are still delicious and tangy. Perfect for cooking. (Does anyone have any advice re: codling moth?) I picked the first apples off the tree yesterday and baked a pie, topped with the words ‘wild and precious’ – a fragment from this Mary Oliver poem. We had it with whipped cream. I do think our grown food sources are wild and precious – (and under threat.) Tree to plate eating? Yes please.


apples_1 apples_6 apples_4





9 thoughts on “apples – from tree to pie

  1. Codlin Moth – In about October find a small glass jar and put into it 1 Tbsp treacle & 1 Tbsp vinegar and top it up with water. Hang it as close to the centre of the tree as possible in a mandarin or onion bag. Keep it topped up with water over the next couple of months. The moths go for a drink and drown/get stuck. This method has worked well for me. Some people use a mix of 1 part port and 9 parts water, but that seems like a waste of port. Another thing you can do is to grow peppermint geranium under your tree; the Codlin moths don’t like it.


  2. I love your words on top of your pastry! Right, I’m going to make a pie. We’ve got an apple tree too with 10 apples on it. We ate the first one last night. It was delicious.


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