feel the fear….and feel the fear

4 thoughts on “feel the fear….and feel the fear”

  1. I’m reading Wild, i don’t think i like her. I don’t like her photo! i think she might just be self-indulgent -more later.

    The body/sensuality versus intellect feels unhelpfully polarising to me. My experience is that there is something [often lots!] going on in the body when there is any feeling, but that feelings are a ‘mental’ not physical phemomena. I experience the body directly only as sensations and my experience of these sensations -in and of themselves- is that they are neutral. Cold is just cold hard is just hard, tingly is just tingly. The feeling/thought of like/dislike is ‘mental’.

    I’ve just done a polarising as well of course, there can’t be a body without a mind [citta/mind = thought/feeling] or mind without a body.

    Back to Jay Griffiths. I seem to be afraid of the [inner] wild she writes about and am naturally a represser of that, because afraid. She arrives to me at a time/timely that i’m opening/needing to open to this wild.


    1. I’m sorry you don’t like Jay! I love her – she refuses to be restrained, polite, contained and for that I love her. Self-indulgent? Maybe at times, but why not?
      I definitely directly experience my emotions in my body – of course, sometimes it can be the same physical sensations for happiness as for fear – but there they are, those sensations – pulsing through my gut and heart as my minds flies around.


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