kitchen daze

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen over the weekend – prepping food out of the garden for the winter months, making food for the family and doing a bit of Virgoan re-organisation.

I love hanging out in the kitchen – I listen to podcasts, or just mull through the detritus in my brain while my hands are kept busy.

My boys are growing up around a keen cook and now they are interested in cooking too. They like to help chop and stir and peek into the oven. I want to send them into adulthood able to make a nice dinner for their flatmates, to bake a birthday cake for a friend, to know how to make something from nothing much.

I makes me laugh that where once a great weekend was all about going out, seeing stuff, bands, art, friends…these days I’m happiest with kitchen, quiet and home.kitchen_shelf


2 thoughts on “kitchen daze

  1. I see you have the HFW veg book – good, eh? And I also spent a lot of time cooking out of Moro, imagining I lived in Essaouira. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my boys into the kitchen. They accuse me of slave driving when I suggest it.


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