new jewels for autumn

(I say ‘jewels’ ironically because I’m not a precious gems person. I’d rather have a new fabric brooch than a BLOOD DIAMOND. )

March means autumn, and autumn means….cardigans! And cardigans means brooches! Brooches are my favourite kind of adornment – they are like tiny artworks which you pin to yourself. I have an extensive brooch collection.

So, here are some new brooches I’ve come by over the summer which I’m looking forward to wearing as the weather gets colder.

This big beauty was made by Rhiannon of Toast Clothing and Croutons. Being a child of the 70s, I feel very comfortable with orange and brown together!


This lovely number I picked up at an op-shop. I am pretty sure it is an early 1980s specimen, as I remember friends of my Mum wearing them:


This one I got for a song, as in not enough to have covered the maker’s labour, from Urban Charm – a wonderful vintage and handmade shop on George St, PN. It will definitely cheer up my winter:


Lastly, this one isn’t new, but I rediscovered it when I sorted through my jewellery box last week. It is made of wool felt by my friend, the poet Maria McMillan. She found an old wartime pattern book for felt flowers. Isn’t it lovely?


And not a brooch, but a necklace – I usually avoid the mall but I was in there shopping for birthday presents for F and, ahem, ending up splurging on a little something for myself – this bunting necklace from LOVISA:


Thanks for indulging me in my Primer One-like ‘show and tell’!

In other news, my youngest son and I reviewed a book for Booksellers Blog – a highly cerebral book called ‘Maisy Grows A Garden’ – you can read the review here. 



2 thoughts on “new jewels for autumn

  1. That bird brooch! A friend once gave me one and I thought she’d made it – sadly the wing snapped off somehow so it’s RIP now. So great. I loved this show and tell. Perhaps you can show and tell cardigans next?


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