three things from recent days

1. The women who come to my yoga class are all naturally generous, thoughtful souls and every week someone brings plants to share, or bags of clothes, or magazines to pass on…and last week Barbara bought me this wonderful 1960s cloth from her home country of Germany. I love it, thanks Barbara! Yoga classes grow community!


2. I like the way my local cafe, The Joseph Street Kitchen, looks to be 80% plant, 20% building at the moment.


3.  It’s too late to be growing basil probably but I couldn’t resist trying and am hoping to keep them alive by moving them inside as the weather cools. Is there anything cuter than baby basil?


What do you think of the new blog banner? It’s part of one of my journal scans – the message is from a hilarious 1930s detective novel.

5 thoughts on “three things from recent days

  1. Love the banner header! And the textiles. What a jolly way of talking. Chin Chin (or Xinxin) is a naughty boy at Violet’s creche, which adds a double meaning for me.


  2. At high school we had some Italian exchange students and a Japanese one too. Chin chin was hilarious for us all because apparently in Italian it’s what you say when drinking but in Japanese it means penis. It was in the time before internet so we just believed what they told us and I’ve never checked if it’s true.


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