The Dahlia Fan Club takes a field trip…

A great thing about a fan club having just two members, is that it is easy to convene. (I think this is also why I am in a writing group of just three people.) Emma was in town on Sunday, so The Dahlia Fan Club took a stroll to the Victoria Esplanade to seek out the Dahlias dotted here and there, they are usually in top form at this time of year, however because of the drought we’ve been suffering here in the Manawatu, they weren’t up to their usual standard. Still, we spotted a few good ones.

We also looked at the Dugald McKenzie Rose Garden, and I took some photos there too, however looking through the photographs when I got home I surmised that dahlias are simply more photogenic. Each dahlia has it’s own character – whereas a rose is a rose is a rose…. 

This Dahlia thing is catching on – Emma’s friend sent her these photographs of Dahlia Cottage in Featherston. 

Cue gratuitous Dahlia photographs…darlias_5 darlias_4 darlias_3 darlias_2 darlias_1


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