girl pangs

7 thoughts on “girl pangs”

  1. i have three boys. I love them to death… but I do get girl pangs. Especially when I spend time with my mum and we just sit and knit together or chat or go shopping. I won’t have a daughter to do that with me when I’m older… and whilst I know that having a daughter won’t be a guarantee that she would like to do all those things…. I still get the ‘pangs’!


  2. The photos are lovely. I had no idea what an apple skirt was 🙂 I have 2 sons. My sister blessed us with a daughter…we lost her in a car acccident. My girl pangs are mixed with grief pangs.However I know I was meant to be a mother of boys….I’m not good at girly. I’m pretty sure I’ll be the mother in law from hell….however maybe there will be grand daughters and my turn will come then.


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