the shawls of torpor

Here is the latest mattress spotted in an opshop – yes, I would definitely wear a frock in this floral.

mattress_july_2 matress_july

School holidays. I have the least intrepid children in the world. Fraser says they are ‘untrepid’. We also joke about their ‘lack of feck’….(feckless, get it?)

How did our (if I say so myself) interested, explorative, curious, hungry-for-experience loins produce such untrepid beings?

ALL of my suggestions for adventures and ramblings are met with silence and then….”do we have to?” They would rather stay at home mooching, reading, computering, lolling about than do…..anything else.

Despite this, I have dragged DRAGGED their sorry butts along beaches and bush walks, on visits to friends, and around museums and art galleries.

Hopefully their stolid lack of verve just means they are currently pupating, like giant larvae….and one day they will shrug off their shawls of torpor and emerge……splendid, fully-formed and ready to venture off to great heights and across continents….


c’mon, life…surprise and delight me. I dare you!


3 thoughts on “the shawls of torpor

  1. From all accounts, Tom was one of these children too and he turned out marvelously. He stayed inside reading (as he does now) but is a settled, contented person. I spent my childhood explored and building and making things – like you want your kids to be – so maybe they’ll just be settled moochers and then partner up with people who are curious makers.


  2. Both my boys are like that. I suggest we go out on an adventure and they wail ‘no!’ But Jonathan has dragged them off on a beach holiday with NO computer and NO minecraft so they now are being forced to be outdoors-y. I too hope that my boys will emerge from their larvae! Despite their unwillingness to go for a bush or beach walk they frequently petition me to take them on a road trip around America.


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