Dahlia Fan Club, goes into the ground

4 thoughts on “Dahlia Fan Club, goes into the ground”

  1. They are so beautiful. I wish we had the sort of garden that would suit them (instead of a tangled heap of bush). I bought Sam a bike helmet the other day and we put all of them out on the floor so he could choose (including the pink ones even though the salesman was very against the idea of giving Sam that option). He picked one with flames down the side. There was this other really cool one that I wanted him to pick and had to stop myself buying it for him instead!


  2. H, I’ve just found you via Emma and a mutual love of dahlias. I love the look of Edinburgh too. We don’t have a garden suitable for them, too many natives and not enough cottage, and I don’t have time or energy to change it. I did drive past a large trailer today which was loaded with tubers for sale at $5 a shopping bag! I wonder what colour they are – they could always live in the vege garden…


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