magnolia walk (1)

On Friday the sun came out in that way it only does in spring, with a nip in the air but a novel brightness…

I had a squillion things on my to-do list, many things which have been on there for weeks and are now somewhat pressing….and yet….and yet….

I wanted to walk, and walk, and walk for the sake of walking and looking and soaking up the sun. It was like medicine I had to take right then. So I turned the pad with the to-do list over, grabbed my camera and took off on a magnolia hunt. I live in an old neighbourhood which has heaps of ’10s, 20s, 30s bungalows. Magnolia trees seem to go with bungalows, the way cabbage trees or wisteria porches go with villas.

The magnolias are really doing their thing right now. I found plenty and did some comical fence hopping and neck-craning to get the best photographs I could. (The last photograph is the one of the two magnolias in my own front yard.) Sometimes I could just see the top of a magnolia over a fence….so some athleticism was required to get a shot. I kept waiting for someone to come and demand what I was doing, nosey-ing around the neighbourhood but because I’m white, female and middle-aged, no one did.

& As you do when you go out LOOKING, I found some other cool things, too which I’ll share with you next time. In the meantime, enjoy these magnolias.

I don’t much like spring, it seems to emotionally screw me over EVERY SINGLE YEAR…but nonetheless, where I live there are manifold magnolias and they are magnificent. It would be most ungrateful not to take a sunny afternoon off to enjoy them at their best.

mag_25 mag_23 IMG_1749 mag_21 mag_20 mag_18 mag_17 mag_16 mag_15 mag_14 mag_12 mag_10 mag_8 mag_7 mag_6 mag_4 mag_3 mag_2 mag_1



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