magnolia walk (2)

On my magnolia walk, I came across some other interesting things…

1. The most glorious lemon tree which gave me severe lemon-tree-envy. I left behind a similarly awesome lemon tree at my last house and inherited a gnarled sickly old one. Seeing this beauty made me decide to plant a new one. I love lemons! I hate having to buy them when they are everywhere (except my yard!)

lemon_1 lemon_2


2. Possibly the worst business name in New Zealand. This is a funny little cake-decorating shop just around the corner from me. I did once buy a vanilla cupcake from there and it was very good, despite the terrible shop name.



3. I noticed that despite most of the neighbourhood being california bungalows….there are quite a few little art deco houses – they are so dear in their flat-roofed boxiness:

artdeco_5artdeco_1 artdeco_2 artdeco_3 artdeco_4


Finally, our neighbourhood is on a bus-route – the council doesn’t provide anything more than a small sign at these stops, but some wonderful civic minded, generous soul has put colourful benches at these bus-stops. Most of them are colourfully painted and one even has plants around it. How cool is that? Big love to whoever put them there!

community_seating_2 community_seat_3community_seating_1


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