when girls go wild

I just spent a lovely relaxing weekend in Featherston with my dear friend Emma. Call this a blog post ‘of two halves’ – the words are on Emma’s blog (go HERE if you want to read about what we did) and the photographs are on my blog.

Here goes – a squillion photographs of eye candy from the weekend: fed_6fed_8 fed_10fed_2 fed_1fed_4fed_3fed_11 fed_13 fed_14fed_18fed_16fed_17fed_20 fed_21 fed_22fed_19


7 thoughts on “when girls go wild

  1. looks lovely! so nice to find you again! just had a good long read and i love to hear about the gardens, dahlias ( gasp!!- mine didnt bloom at all!) and girl pangs ( not creepy- totally get it!) and all of it!
    🙂 it took me this long to have a look to see if you had a link on pinterest- sheesh!
    happy spring from the nearly autumny toronto!


      1. oh i am great! only now discovered the reply in the comments! starting to feel much more human with the kid at 3 1/2 and in preschool a tiny bit- phew! you know.


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