pneumonic plague



After my awesome weekend in Featherston, I got really sick with pneumonia and have just spent a week in a fug of illness, sleeping most of the hours that the kids were at school and not straying far from home.

On the upside, I watched all of the final series of Skins (terrible) and season 2 of Call The Midwife (lovely), I knitted half a baby blanket for a pregnant friend and I read a lot of old New Yorkers and new London Review of Books.

It was also a time when I realised what great friends I have – friends who stepped in and did remarkable things like: covering my yoga classes, helping with the kids, taking me to the doctors, bringing me soup and generally making me feel very loved and supported. I suck at asking for help, so these proactive people were all the more appreciated.

I’m getting back to normal now and wow, what a GIFT it is to feel well! & energetic! & excited about life! If I had cheerleading pom-poms, I would be shaking them right now.

‘One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody’ -Mother Teresa




5 thoughts on “pneumonic plague

  1. A sociology prof. at uni likes your shoes, he asks ‘Mini Coopers?’, I say ‘probably’.

    You are levitating in your photo. Have you conquered gravity as well as pneumonia? Well done.


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