mattresses – September

I noticed the other day that WordPress is now inserting ads in ‘free’ blogs, like this one, making a mockery of my ‘Ad-Free Blog’ banner. I don’t know what ads show on my blog at the viewer end, maybe if you see an ad you could let me know. I cringe to think. I don’t know what I’m going to do about that….maybe switch providers? But are there any ad-free no-cost blog platforms anymore? Possibly not.

Anyway, September was a terrific month for spotting vintage textiles on mattresses, which is one of my hobbies. Yes, I like to find, record and gaze at old textiles. I know it’s a little strange but it makes me happy. These ones were spotted around Palmerston North and the Wairarapa.

& If you’d like to join in the fun of finding and recording vintage mattress textiles, there’s a bunch of us over on Flickr HERE – you’d be most welcome! 🙂

matsep_17 matsep_15 matsep_14 matsep_13 matsep_12 matsep_11 matsep_10 matsep_9 matsep_8 matsep_7 matsep_6 matsep_5 matsep_3 matsep_2 matsep_1


2 thoughts on “mattresses – September

  1. I love all these amazing designs , it would be a shame to cover them with bed clothes , and I wonder if they all end up in homes?
    no I haven’t seen any ads come thru on your blog , please keep us updated if you do more research…
    : )


    1. Thanks, Shelley!

      It’s very tempting to repurpose some of the more stunning mattress fabrics, but I’ve never bought one just for the fabric because I don’t want to deprive needy people of an affordable bed!


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