darling, you are radishing!

Here is a photograph of a jolly bunch of radishes I bought the other day.


They were fine tasting radishes, mild but peppery, juicy, sweet. Their plump brightness cheered me right up, because I’m the sort of person who is cheered by radishes or silly pop songs or even just a very good very hot cup of tea.

I’ve been fighting off the inclination to write one of those terrible posts where the blog writer write tediously about their own blog, and what the point of it is, and how they aren’t sure why they keep blogging and how photographs of jolly radishes seem a bit absurd in the face of the plight of the bees, and children getting gassed to death while going about their business and general chest-crushing future uncertainty. But fortunately, I haven’t succumbed. Or have I? (See what I did there?)

Here is a different view of the same radishes:






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