don’t meet your heroes/moz-life

7 thoughts on “don’t meet your heroes/moz-life”

  1. The consensus is half right (sic), he does waffle about the court case ad nauseam, though his acerbic depictions of the opposition are Wildean in their grandeur (as you’d expect). His Love Life however, is as not as circumspect as I feared. I think he has given away a great deal in very few sentences. He confesses to being inexperienced and ill fated so his vulnerability is very touching, and for me, quite reassuring. What most strikes me about the book is Moz’ intractable masculine energy, centred not in the body or sex drive, but in his principles, faith or demeanour. He comes across as quintessentially English, even when fleeing the hypocrisy of his native land, bruised by cowering detractors. I guess this is the big get-even, though I doubt that Joyce or Marr et al, will even bother to read that far into such a tome. What I have most enjoyed with the book are the frequent song lyric references, embedded in the text, for us fans to find like a treasure hunt. It puts a new perspective on old phrases and makes it all feel like a secret love letter, to those who ever cared to stay listening through the years. Like us. I feel enriched having this book, if only for a month or two, but it will go on my favourite-book shelf beside Jarman and Crisp and the other outer voices.


  2. You are SO right, H. The good bits are exceptionally great. And I’ve copied down a bunch of my favs too – re the debut: “The album ought to have been a dangerous blow from the buckle-end of a belt, but instead it is a peck on the cheek…”


  3. I should add that his description of his Aunts demise is as touching a eulogy as any I have read. His verbal defence of his female relatives is courteous and heartwarming


  4. Hi Helen. In true Moz fashion I recently read his autobiography in the bath. There were no flowers or candles. I found it hard to read, and had similar feelings of ‘will this ruin my feelings for him’. I started to side with the rest of the band in the court case. I prefer him writing, singing, and keeping out of the press.


    1. It’s an excellent read for the bath. Ooh yes, these days he’s a bit like that embarrassing uncle that gets too drunk at Christmas. Did you read his novel, too? Pretty awful…but some great lines amongst the drivel…


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