word of the year 2014

Last year I did Susannah Conway’s excellent worksheets for planning the year ‘Unravelling The Year Ahead’. I find them to be a good combination of compassionate, specific, gentle, but also motivating and, this is important, fun!

Part of the process is coming up with a word for the year. Something that in one word sums up your hopes and intentions for the year, something that you are working on in yourself or your life, something which will quickly remind you of your intentions and set you back on the path….

For the curious, my word of the year last year was WILD

This year, I have gotten as far as reading over last year’s, printing out this year’s and selecting a word – but I haven’t done the workbook yet. I had some thinking to do first, and then I decided to wait until the children went back to school so I will do it next week.

Looking back over my hopes for 2013, I won’t bore you with my inner-mess but here’s one funny thing – I was deeply upset about an interpersonal relationship thing at the time of writing….I wrote about it like it was the end of the world and I would take a long time to heal from it but I was non-specific enough that when I re-read it a year later…

…I cannot for the life of me recall the issue in question. Not even the person, let alone the THING!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha….humans are funny.

Today’s major angst is tomorrow’s ‘WTF was all that about?’ How’s that for giving things a sense of perspective? (Also realising my memory is REALLY not what it used to be.)

Anyway, if you want to work through a great set of questions to shape your hopes, plans, intentions, wishes and desires for the next year AND make yourself a little record of where your brain was at for your future self to laugh at in a year’s time….you can find the workbook HERE

& here is the word I chose for 2014. I might write a bit more about this word in the future….and I might not:

TA-DA! :



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