zinnia, zinnia it was really nothing…*

Someone told me that seeing as how I love dahlias so much, I should plant zinnias, as they look like dahlias.


Like dahlias, they are native to Mexico. Unlike, dahlias…..they do not look like dahlias! Whoever told me that was wrong, in my opinion. However, they are pretty! I grew them from seed which I sowed back in August and so it was a looooong wait for these blooms, but worth it – I like the vintage-y bright tones of the flowers. Check out those pinks!


They do make me think of Frida Kahlo and Mexican embroidery.

I will probably grow them again, but not because they resemble dahlias. Just because of how much they cheer the eye.


* I have this silly phrase stuck in my head like an ear-worm. If you didn’t know, it’s a reference to a the Smiths song: ‘WILLIAM, IT WAS REALLY NOTHING’. 


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