top pops to the shop of the op

Op-shopping. I have the habit deep! It’s a hobby that clothes my family, furnishes and decorates my home, fills up my gift-suitcase (I stow interesting items in a suitcase so I always have something on hand when gifts are needed…) and combines simple/thrifty living with re- and upcycling plus the joy of a treasure hunt.

I often call into an op-shop after dropping M at school, or before picking him up. Here are some things I found in April/May. (Excuse the fuzzy photographs. I’m on instagram courtesy of a very old iPod touch that used to belong to my son  (I don’t have a smartphone) and the photo quality on it is not great.) These photographs only represent about a third of what I’ve found recently, but not everything is photo-worthy (books, clothes that are useful but not exciting, etc)

Gorgeous vintage frock. Way too small for me, alas, so I bought it for a friend who loves things folky…




GIANT patchwork bag with wooden handles, which for some reason really reminds me of the Little House on the Prairie books… mayopshop_2

Hilarious 70s notepad of love letter writing paper – each page features a vaseline-lens picture of a different couple with schmaltzy love-messages…


The sweetest tiny tea-set ever…


A great Nana-painting – an original! I love flowers on black backgrounds…


& the best 1980s wool jersey! Warm, comfortable and ridiculous in the best way…





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