buttons and other wonderful junk


Vintage treasures recently acquired…

Where did the week go? Lordy!

I have been busy doing things which are integral yet boring to blog about: working, writing, parenting etc.

A more fun thing I have been doing is sorting my vintage button collection into little colour coordinated selections for an upcoming fair I’m taking part in…(more about that later…)


I love buttons! They are like little lollies you can’t eat. I have a heap of great vintage ones from buying old-lady button tins at op-shops and garage sales.

I love buttons so much the working title for The Comforter was ‘wood. button. bone’ …


Work has started on THIS collaborative art/poetry project that I’m part of and I am very excited. I think it is going to be great.

I love all things to do with the Womens’ Land Army/Land Girls so was happy to discover THIS TV series, which I’m going to start watching this week.

I reviewed Alice Miller’s ‘The Limits’ for Booksellers HERE.

I have been cooking. I am always cooking, but sometimes it’s nice to reminds yourself of all the cooking you do to help account for all the time that has passed & the wondering where it goes – recently I have made: rhubarb-blackcurrant crumble, hokey-pokey biscuits, honey oat biscuits, quince cakes, soups of various hue, giant piles of coleslaw….and dinner dinner dinner dinner every night dinner…

This weekend is the Red Cross Book Sale! I take so long at this sale, I have to go alone…because the times I’ve gone with friends I drove them mad with my sllllooooowwwwww-looking. I get ridiculously excited about the Red Cross Book sale – but every year I go, I find excellent poetry books, wonderful vintage childrens’ books and a pile of random treasures of the variety ‘I did not know I wanted this until I saw it but now I have seen it it is the perfect thing to plug that previously unknown hole in my life’….or something…

I am writing this very hastily because it’s nearly school pick-up time…. I hope you are feeling busy in a happy way and full of good projects, nice people and autumnal good food! x x x x x


2 thoughts on “buttons and other wonderful junk

  1. “I have been busy doing things which are integral yet boring to blog about: working, writing, parenting etc.” Oh no. That’s all I blog about! 🙂


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