having a go at the Brown Foxes Market

This Friday, PN City Library, 5-9pm I am having a stall at the Brown Foxes Night Market, trading under the name Black Doris.

I love the market poster! (below)…

I’ll be selling mainly vintage things, from Victorian times through to the 70s, (I’m going to be in the vintage room) plus a few handmade things…



This is the first time the organisers are having a whole area dedicated to vintage stuff, so I hope it works out well for everybody. I have sold vintage stuff on trademe before, but never ‘in the flesh’. I am steeling myself for people tsk-ing about prices / kvetching about vintage traders who onsell op-shop stuff …but hopefully that won’t happen and it will just be ace, upbeat people who will smile and buy things.

Nothing on my stall is over $20, so yeah! there are BARGAINS to be had.

It has taken way more work than I anticipated sourcing / cataloguing / pricing / labeling everything, but enjoyable work. I’ll let you know how it went next week!

Here’s a peak at some of my stock.

bfm_6 bfm_15 bfm_16 bfm_14 bfm_8


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