before the solstice, the longest night…

Sunday was winter solstice, Saturday the longest night. From here on in the days shorten, although we still have a lot of cold weather ahead!

My friend Emma has posted about midwinter today HERE

We were supposed to go to a big solstice potluck on Saturday, but we’d had a busy overscheduled week (and another this week) and I couldn’t quite gain velocity to get out the door, so instead we stayed in and had soup and red wine and family movie night. It was just what we all needed, I think. Sometimes staying in can feel like such a treat!


We woke up to an unseasonably bright golden day on solstice day, and went out into the country (just like Emma) for some rural rambles. One thing I love about living where I live, is that although I dwell in the centre of the city, I can be in the country in ten or so minutes. It’s the best of both worlds for a countryside lover.


I hope your winter solstice was cosy (or your summer solstice bright and fun if you are reading on the other side of the world) … all around my garden there are tiny green bumps of bulb-heads poking through – before we know it, spring will be here again.


Here’s to all the reflectiveness which comes with the longest night.


One thought on “before the solstice, the longest night…

  1. Happy Winter Solstice and Matariki too! Did you mean to write ‘from here on in the nights shorten’ or ‘the days lengthen’ ? 😉


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