Summer solstice brings intentions for the coming year…

4 thoughts on “Summer solstice brings intentions for the coming year…”

  1. Excellent achievable intentions. I wish you all the very best for your new business.
    For the second year running, I’m not setting intentions or making goals or resolutions for the year ahead. Maintaining the equilibrium of my excellent life is all that I want, so striving for change seems counterproductive. That said, I quit eating refined sugar three weeks ago and plan to keep that up at least til the end of summer and maybe beyond. I have also offered to volunteer regularly at the local environment centre next year. And I have various creative to complete and start (hopefully in that order) not least relating to my daughter’s wedding in 2015. So for me, my intention is for more of the same but better.


  2. Great goals Helen! I love the look of the RECAP module programme – learning with a group of permaculture folks for 2 years and having plemty of time to digest and intergrate the info sounds awesome! I’m learning Permaculture too this year in a residential PDC next month 🙂

    I’ve become bike shy too over the years and I’d also like to get back on the saddle. When I lived in Melbourne I’d bike around with my friends in a ‘bike gang’ which gave me more confidence.

    I always have far too many goals for the new year but three of my main ones are: Go and stay beside a body of water on a self directed writing/art retreat to work on my creative projects, grow and contemplate soil (2015 being the international year of soils), become fitter & stronger and go on an easy tramp.

    Good Luck for 2015!!


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