geometric art

I’m a huge fan of┬áRAMARI TEXTILES – the label name of a maker from Carterton, Leanne Taylor. Everything she makes is extremely well-made and has such integrity. (She’s also from my home town of Waitara, which puts her even higher in my affections. Small town loyalty, ahoy!) Anyway, last week I had a big tidy … Continue reading geometric art

made in april

I made a big mess on the living room floor for a week or so, putting together vintage paper packs out of my big stash for the Craft Country Shop in Featherston: We have a crabapple tree so I made a pile of unappetizing-looking crabapple mush into this glowing jelly – how that dull mush … Continue reading made in april

new to me lately

Aah, op-shopping. It’s such a random treasure hunt. (Or junk, depending on your perspective.) You might go to the mall with a shopping list and come home with the stuff on your list…but if you go to the op-shop with a list it is a rare treat to find the things on your list… Then … Continue reading new to me lately