open heart

(Life is) “…a slow, elated, awed recovery from humiliation.” -Geoff Cochrane On New Year’s Eve we climbed the hill behind the house and drank wine until the sun had gone. I gnawed on grass stems because they tasted like peas. When clouds crossed the moon, I couldn’t see your face and you talked about the … Continue reading open heart

craving miracles

Election day this weekend. (What? You didn’t notice? How? lol) It’s hard not to feel bleak about the world lately. Here, …overseas, …the state of the whole planet, actually. I’ve been listening to THIS BJORK SONG HERE on high rotate all week. That’s how I feel – pretty worn down by where things are headed … Continue reading craving miracles


Be kind to yourself today. You are doing the best you can. Also, it’s Friday. Let the week slide off you like rainwater… … into the puddle of weekend…. rest. restore. be (Telling you what I need to hear myself today.)     Continue reading compassion

do come in

Social Media seems to have taken precedence over blogs these days, so I wasn’t sure if anyone would read this stuff…but, I felt the urge to do it, so it was worth the risk… I’ve been back to blogging a few weeks now & am enjoying it a lot. For I long time I thought … Continue reading do come in