harvest weekend

It was a big harvest weekend in the garden – I did a lot of garden/kitchen stuff which I will tell you about over this week. Here’s a start: I pulled all the dying summer crops out of our biggest garden bed – all the tomato plants, harvested the pumpkins, the last celery, lettuces going … Continue reading harvest weekend

winter is coming

Autumn – you wench! You are absolutely here, aren’t you? Every autumn I do this – pull out the raggedy, dying tomato plants and put every single green marble of a tomato on a piece of carboard in a sunny window. Every year I think ‘there is no way they’ll ripen’ and every year they … Continue reading winter is coming

In the garden…

The tomatoes are ripening by the bowlful every day and we are eating lovely pasta sauces and soups which taste of the sun and make me realise how insipid tinned tomatoes are! The chillies are starting to fruit – just in time for the cold of autumn, which will stunt their growth in no time. … Continue reading In the garden…

cape gooseberries

A friend gave me a spare Cape Gooseberry bush at the start of summer and it has settled in nicely to my garden. I’ve recently had the first fruits off it – the taste of the berries, which I haven’t eaten for many years, took me right back to being a kid. I used to … Continue reading cape gooseberries

seed heads

Often, if a plant isn’t taking up space I need for something else, I’ll let it go to seed. Partly because then it will drop it’s seed everywhere and next year I might get plant babies, and partly because I love seeing what plants do when they go to seed. Have you ever let a … Continue reading seed heads

green bean serene

Summer = season of green. Broad beans until we can’t face another broad bean. There are some great broad beans recipes HERE. I divided up my monster stinging nettle plant and now I have baby nettles thriving away. (Anyone local want a nettle plant?) There is a delicious herbal tea recipe featuring nettles HERE. It … Continue reading green bean serene