this week

I had the best cafe breakfast EVER – avocado mashed with feta and mint on sourdough toast with a poached egg on top, at Tomato Cafe: I DIDN’T buy these things from the op-shop: Horse fire-guard. I love these gothy horses…but I don’t have a fire that needs guarding… Gorgeous Magnolia plate….but $25?? C’mon, op-shops, … Continue reading this week

art will eat itself

I am working on two writing projects at the moment (around the day job, the kids, the endless house-keeping and cooking)…..(‘oh to be a writer, a real writer!’ to quote Katherine Mansfield.) One is my next collection of poems and the other is less simple – a project involving over a decade of journals. I … Continue reading art will eat itself

inspiration books

I get a lot of magazines passed my way from family and as I read them I snip out anything which catches my eye and fill blank journals with pictures. I’m a very visual person and this practice inspires everything from poetry to life habits to cooking to gardening to craft to how I set … Continue reading inspiration books


Here are some things which have happened lately…. I have been doing a bit of lounging beside creeks and rivers while the boys throw stones: I got to visit the country getaway of some friends, which I think is what heaven looks like in my mind (i.e. a ramshackle country cottage full of charming objets … Continue reading lately…