mattress-arama in the Sallies

It was a regular mattress-arama at the Salvation Army Family Store last week.

I spotted my first mattress covered in actual mattress ticking! Although probably not vintage ticking. (Ticking is a type of heavily woven fabric, usually striped. When mattresses were filled with feathers, ticking was used to keep the feathers within the mattress and stop them poking through. I am in danger of becoming a mattress-expert through this project. Hoorah, more useless information cluttering my brain!)

I love this bright blue 1970s fabric:

Scribbly flowers:

Another blue on a cotton-covered squab (does that count as a mattress?)

And my favourite of the day, another sunny 1970s one in hot colours:

Sorry about the bad photo quality of some of these – taking photographs in an op-shop means you gotta be hasty! So far I’ve had funny looks from people, but no one has asked what I’m doing or asked me to refrain.

Also, often mattresses have urky stains on them. I try (not always successfully) to avoid getting the urky stains in the shots, because that’s just URK.


sunny side up

Here’s the latest of my ‘mattresses in op-shops’ finds – a sunny 70s floral. The bathroom of my childhood home had wallpaper very similar to this. 70s florals are like an instant time-travel to being a kid again for me.

My flickr group of mattress photos is slowly growing, come and play HERE if you want to…

I invited lots of my my american flickr friends to the group, but one of them reported sadly that american op-shops don’t sell mattresses because of hygiene laws….can anyone stateside confirm that this is the case?

My favourite photo in the pool so far is THIS ONE by talented local photographer Megan Young.


It’s Mother’s Day and I just got a card with a ‘delightful’ drawing of a cute bunny with a dagger through it’s head from my 11 year old – aaah boy-humour. He also baked me a banana-cake with chocolate icing. I love that my hard work teaching him to cook all these years is paying off and he can now independently bake cakes! He gave it to me at about 7.30am and said ‘Can we eat it now?’. Um, no.

I might as well have eaten cake for breakfast, mind you, because then I got presented with a stack of pancakes with banana and home-made raspberry jam.

Lucky, lucky life.

Big ups to all the mothers out there.*

(* I crack myself up trying to do white-girl street speak.)