cape gooseberries

A friend gave me a spare Cape Gooseberry bush at the start of summer and it has settled in nicely to my garden. I’ve recently had the first fruits off it – the taste of the berries, which I haven’t eaten for many years, took me right back to being a kid. I used to … Continue reading cape gooseberries


I’m planning to start teaching yoga in January and I’m not feeling ready enough. I go to three classes + one meditation class per week at Zing, where I’m training, ¬†go to Ashtanga class with another teacher when I can, and I do some at home, but a regular, rigorous daily practice is the best … Continue reading everyday

infectious ideas

A great thing about having creative friends is that they do clever things which inspire me to also do clever things (a.k.a steal their ideas.) Creativity is infectious, I reckon. Anyway, a while back Emma McCleary made this fabulous tapestry floor rug. She saw a photograph of one online, spent three years collecting tapestries from … Continue reading infectious ideas