Curvy Voices

Anna Guest-Jelley of Curvy Yoga has edited and launched a terrific e-book called ‘Curvy Voices’ – an anthology of short essays from ‘curvy’ yoga practitioners. I have an essay in there, too. I tried to be as honest as possible in my essay. There are lots of great women in the book and I really … Continue reading Curvy Voices

the god-shaped hole

One of my favourite writers, Anne Lamott writes often about ‘the god-shaped hole’ inside us – the  abyss inside us which yearns for spiritual connection or deep acceptance but which we will fill with almost anything else….drugs, drink, food, social media, hoarding stuff, being too busy, seeking peer or parental approval, hollow ambition, procrastination….we throw … Continue reading the god-shaped hole

my first yoga retreat

I spent two days over Easter at a yoga retreat at the studio where I practice, train and teach. We did many hours of yoga, grilled our teacher, Nat, about yoga matters, and did walking and sitting meditations – a lovely way to melt into the Easter break. I fought with a lot of my … Continue reading my first yoga retreat

Pivara Yoga

Above is Zing Yoga Studio – where I spend a lot of hours every week getting my sanity back  and where I’ll be teaching my first yoga classes. Pivara is a sanskrit word meaning both ‘an abundance of’ and ‘stout and strong’. Monday 12 March, 6.30pm, Zing Studio, Palmerston North sees the launch of Pivara … Continue reading Pivara Yoga


I’m planning to start teaching yoga in January and I’m not feeling ready enough. I go to three classes + one meditation class per week at Zing, where I’m training,  go to Ashtanga class with another teacher when I can, and I do some at home, but a regular, rigorous daily practice is the best … Continue reading everyday