the last

I write about the seasons a lot, don’t I? I can’t help it. I grew up in a small town in the middle of farmland – my Dad was (still is) a hunter and fisherman and so we ate with the seasons and the seasons were meaningful in a way they may not be for … Continue reading the last

made in april

I made a big mess on the living room floor for a week or so, putting together vintage paper packs out of my big stash for the Craft Country Shop in Featherston: We have a crabapple tree so I made a pile of unappetizing-looking crabapple mush into this glowing jelly – how that dull mush … Continue reading made in april

this is a post about how I made some lemon muffins. I know. living the dream!

A friend gave me a little jar of lemon curd she’d made: As we don’t eat a lot of bread in my household, I decided to make ‘lemon volcano’ muffins. I made Alison Holst’s basic sweet muffin recipe, then when the mixture was spooned into the muffin tins I ‘tucked’ a big teaspoonful of lemon … Continue reading this is a post about how I made some lemon muffins. I know. living the dream!

beets and pieces

First some writing news – Fourth Floor Literary Journal is up and I have two poems in it! Yay! You can read them HERE. Back HERE I mentioned my friend Helen wrote an essay about ‘Taking Care’ (killing) ‘Of Animals’. It’s also in 4th Floor. It is a funny, chilling read – you can read … Continue reading beets and pieces

and Iran*

Further to yesterday’s post – I also made this giant floor cushion on the weekend. Fraser and I travelled to Turkey in our 20s, and while there I bought some textiles made in Iran. This was a fringed tablecloth, but somehow I never felt right using it as a tablecloth. It seemed too beautiful to … Continue reading and Iran*