peel the beet

The garden is warming up to the point that some of the things which have been in it over the winter are starting to bolt. I harvested my beetroots the other day, as they’d been in there since autumn. Time to pick them to make room for some more exciting summer vegetable. Beetroots are great … Continue reading peel the beet

do come in

Social Media seems to have taken precedence over blogs these days, so I wasn’t sure if anyone would read this stuff…but, I felt the urge to do it, so it was worth the risk… I’ve been back to blogging a few weeks now & am enjoying it a lot. For I long time I thought … Continue reading do come in

snatched creativity

Mothers who are also creatives (writers/artists/musicians etc) are extremely resourceful in terms of snatching creative time from days that fill up (and sometimes overflow) with children and domestic stuff and work. I feel like everything I make is done in intense short bursts, taking half an hour here, an hour there, ten minutes over here … Continue reading snatched creativity

school holiday op-shopping

We hit a few op-shops over the holidays. Willoughby likes to get books, Magnus looks for matchbox cars, I look at everything. Here’s some op-shopped treasures from the holidays: Another tablecloth. I’ve gotta stop buying them! but I couldn’t resist these white wild-flowers on green background. Yum. An old cotton reel box. I like the … Continue reading school holiday op-shopping