fly away home

I was sitting at the table and Willoughby said: ‘What’s that black spot on your skirt, Mum?’ It was a green ladybird (I think) – dark, pearlescent green. I’ve never seen a green ladybird before. I looked it up on the ever-wise internet and found that ladybirds can be “yellow, green, orange, grey, white and … Continue reading fly away home

the birthday cloth

I enjoy ironing. I think if you like to sew, you have to like to iron because ironing is such an key part of sewing. I even have a poem about ironing in my book, called ‘Sunday Night’. It doesn’t mean all my clothes are perfectly ironed, because I am a haphazard ironer. I only … Continue reading the birthday cloth

grow your own way

In autumn I planted a whole lot of bulbs: ranunculus, freesias, gladioli…and the other day the first of my ranunculus flowered. I bought all white bulbs, as I’d planned to have all white flowers in pots on the porch for added cooling effect, come summer. As you can, see not all of the bulbs came … Continue reading grow your own way

travel in a tin

Often when I mooch around a deli it is the food packaging that catches my eye more than the contents. Chillies from Mexico… Smoked paprika from Spain… Plain old tinned tomatoes from Italy…but somehow the Italians manage to make a quotidian product look appealing. Those bold, shiny tomatoes against that black background. Whoar! (Although this … Continue reading travel in a tin

my journals keep me

Do you keep a journal? Sometimes I feel like my journals keep me. They keep me sane, keep me engaged, keep me feeling creative even when I don’t have time for larger creative endeavours. I’ve been teaching journal-writing for years, and most recently as part of the Day Retreats at Zing. Teaching is a good … Continue reading my journals keep me

from the op-shop

Here are some things I have op-shopped recently: This owl trivet, 70s enamel. I quite like owls. My mother used to call me ‘Brown Owl’ when I was a kid, because I have brown eyes and (apparently) used to go very tanned in the summer. (Well, it was the 70s. We used to slather coconut … Continue reading from the op-shop