The Dahlia Fan Club


My dear friend Emma and I have decided to take our Dahlia Fan Club off the screen and into the world. Emma has blogged about her plans here and our Pinterest page here. (We had 300-ish followers within a couple of days of making that page, so there are a lot of Dahlia fans out there!) Details of my plans are to follow, but for now – here are some things I’ve discovered about Dahlias so far…


New Zealand has a National Dahlia Society.

The best time to plant them is July/August – according to the nice lady at my local gardening centre – this gives Emma and I the winter to prepare our Dahlia beds.


I was inspired to try growing my own dedicated Dahlia garden by this video. I recommend watching it with the volume turned off so you don’t have to listen to Martha Stewart because…ugh. (Plus she pronounces Dahlias “DOLL – leeahs”.) But gosh – Betty’s dahlia garden is truly magical.

Emma and I love to do old-lady-ish things, like drink tea from china tea cups, coo over old textiles and share copies of UK Country Living. I’m excited to take our Nana-core ways up to a whole new level with this Dahlia-growing, tuber-swapping activity.