I’m a writer, creative writing teacher, yoga teacher, hedgewitch and environmentalist.

My poetry book, The Comforter (2011), is published by Seraph Press. You can order it direct from there or read reviews of it here.

My second book, Write to the Centre, is coming out late 2016 with Haunui Press. It is a book about my lifelong habit of keeping a journal, with colourful excerpts from my own journal pages, and writing ideas.

I’m almost finished writing another collection of poetry. I’m hoping it will be published in 2017/2018, depending on astral tides, karma and kismet.

For queries or just to say hello, email me: helenlehndorf@gmail.com



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Helen – Bought The Comforter at Otago Uni Bookshop in the weekend and what a find! Love it. It’s a wonderful companion – ate breakfast devouring a poem, had a break from the garden, read a poem, and waiting for dinner to cook tonight I helped myself to two poems! A real treasure-trove, thank you. Ruth Arnison


  2. Hello Helen, I found The Comforter at the Poetry Library in London, UK. I enjoyed reading it (still enjoying it!). you are truly a great poet. thank you for sharing your art.


    1. Thank you so much, Irena! – thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Are you English or a NZer? I lived in London for a year in the 90s – in Brixton, Streatham and Battersea. I love London! I also remember the poetry library very well – it blew my mind that there could be a whole library just for poetry. Thanks again, Helen


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