6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Helen – Bought The Comforter at Otago Uni Bookshop in the weekend and what a find! Love it. It’s a wonderful companion – ate breakfast devouring a poem, had a break from the garden, read a poem, and waiting for dinner to cook tonight I helped myself to two poems! A real treasure-trove, thank you. Ruth Arnison


  2. Hello Helen, I found The Comforter at the Poetry Library in London, UK. I enjoyed reading it (still enjoying it!). you are truly a great poet. thank you for sharing your art.


    1. Thank you so much, Irena! – thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Are you English or a NZer? I lived in London for a year in the 90s – in Brixton, Streatham and Battersea. I love London! I also remember the poetry library very well – it blew my mind that there could be a whole library just for poetry. Thanks again, Helen


  3. Yes, PoetryLibrary is a little gem among all the treasures that London offers! and I am actually Croatian artist living in Brixton currently! Irena


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