bicycles and raindrops

My lovely friend HELEN bought me back some delicious small pieces of fabric from her trip to Melbourne last year – raindrops, dandelions, bicycles BICYCLES?!! ahhh….yum yum yum… On the weekend I sewed them into a simple patchwork scarf, using some vintage floral (this was a dress which I thrifted for the fabric) for the … Continue reading bicycles and raindrops

a spot o’ sewing

In the interests of clearing out a bit of ‘chi’ in THE CAVE OF FORGOTTEN CRAFT, I finished off two skirts I had half-made ages ago (like, years…) One was a simple wrap skirt, but I used three different fabrics for the three panels (why stick to one??)…two thrifted bits and one piece of new … Continue reading a spot o’ sewing

throw colour

I knitted another neck thing – this one is super-bulky handspun wool that smells just ilke a sheep…that lovely lanolin whiff: When winter draws in ….throw colour at it! (and woolen socks. Nothing like them for keeping your feet warm.) There are so many people head to toe in black on the streets right now. … Continue reading throw colour

made in april

I made a big mess on the living room floor for a week or so, putting together vintage paper packs out of my big stash for the Craft Country Shop in Featherston: We have a crabapple tree so I made a pile of unappetizing-looking crabapple mush into this glowing jelly – how that dull mush … Continue reading made in april

collage with fabric

A couple of fabric collages I made. (Photos are a little blurry – I think my ancient camera is starting to fail me.) I’m not sure if that is the right term – I’ve seen similar things called ‘mini-quilts’ but that seems a little absurd to me…unless they are quilts for dolls or mice. Continue reading collage with fabric

a quick autumn knit

I’ve been knitting a few of these lately – somewhere between a cowl and a thin scarf – they are simple and quick to knit. I knitted a dark grey one for myself, a lighter grey one for a friend’s birthday and this bright orange and pink one for another friend. I wanted something that … Continue reading a quick autumn knit

crafternoon tea

At work (City Library) we’ve been running ‘Crafternoon Tea’ on Friday afternoon where local craft enthusiasts can bring some handiwork, we provide a bit of afternoon tea and they can meet each other, sit and knit or sew and gossip. It’s not a new idea – I stole it from similar things in Auckland, Wellington … Continue reading crafternoon tea