free nature mandala*

*those of you who are ancient like me, might get the bad pun in the title… I love mandala. I often make little ones out of windfalls and flowers, in my backyard or when I’m out and about. I love the idea of art that sits there until the weather scatters it off in all … Continue reading free nature mandala*

bicycles and raindrops

My lovely friend HELEN bought me back some delicious small pieces of fabric from her trip to Melbourne last year – raindrops, dandelions, bicycles BICYCLES?!! ahhh….yum yum yum… On the weekend I sewed them into a simple patchwork scarf, using some vintage floral (this was a dress which I thrifted for the fabric) for the … Continue reading bicycles and raindrops

Candy Floss Trees

These trees are all in leaf now, but a coupla weeks back we took a walk to the Victoria Esplanade to check out the Cherry Blossoms and they didn’t disappoint. Candy-tufted trees looking all ridiculously Dr. Seuss-like. I think I’ve mentioned before, Jolie Holland has a song called ‘Springtime Can Kill You’ and I feel … Continue reading Candy Floss Trees

new jewels for autumn

(I say ‘jewels’ ironically because I’m not a precious gems person. I’d rather have a new fabric brooch than a BLOOD DIAMOND. ) March means autumn, and autumn means….cardigans! And cardigans means brooches! Brooches are my favourite kind of adornment – they are like tiny artworks which you pin to yourself. I have an extensive brooch … Continue reading new jewels for autumn

a spot o’ sewing

In the interests of clearing out a bit of ‘chi’ in THE CAVE OF FORGOTTEN CRAFT, I finished off two skirts I had half-made ages ago (like, years…) One was a simple wrap skirt, but I used three different fabrics for the three panels (why stick to one??)…two thrifted bits and one piece of new … Continue reading a spot o’ sewing