good year, bad year

Good year – beets… Bad year – carrots… I love the way vegetable gardeners (and farmers, no doubt) talk in terms of ‘good year’/’bad year’ for produce. It has not been the best summer ever in my vegetable garden, but like every year there have been highs and lows. Bad year: Corn – after several … Continue reading good year, bad year

this week

I had the best cafe breakfast EVER – avocado mashed with feta and mint on sourdough toast with a poached egg on top, at Tomato Cafe: I DIDN’T buy these things from the op-shop: Horse fire-guard. I love these gothy horses…but I don’t have a fire that needs guarding… Gorgeous Magnolia plate….but $25?? C’mon, op-shops, … Continue reading this week

Juliette of the Herbs

I found a fantastic website the other day where you can watch hundreds of ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ documentaries for free. It’s HERE – CHECK IT OUT. I love documentaries. I prefer them to ‘fictional’ films, just as in literature I prefer non-fiction to fiction. (I think of poetry as non-fiction – you can argue with … Continue reading Juliette of the Herbs