the gestalt of family

I was listening the the radio the other day, and a woman was talking about ‘the gestalt of her family’ when she was growing up… I had a mean thought that I have an irrational dislike of people who talk earnestly about ‘the gestalt’ of their ANYTHING. Then I mused I didn’t have a very … Continue reading the gestalt of family


              Some random stuff from recently: Every time I pass these Mexican sodas in the supermarket I have to talk myself out of buying some. The internal conversation goes like this: ‘I love the packaging on those! I want them! It would be like a mini-trip to Mexico!’ ‘Helen, … Continue reading lately

little blue shoes

  I op-shopped this pair of little blue 1970s leather shoes recently, for a friend who had a just had a girl baby. I had a pair just like it when I was wee. I remember wearing them with white knee-socks and one of those woollen kilts with the white cotton top attached. (Does anyone … Continue reading little blue shoes

the god-shaped hole

One of my favourite writers, Anne Lamott writes often about ‘the god-shaped hole’ inside us – the  abyss inside us which yearns for spiritual connection or deep acceptance but which we will fill with almost anything else….drugs, drink, food, social media, hoarding stuff, being too busy, seeking peer or parental approval, hollow ambition, procrastination….we throw … Continue reading the god-shaped hole

the last

I write about the seasons a lot, don’t I? I can’t help it. I grew up in a small town in the middle of farmland – my Dad was (still is) a hunter and fisherman and so we ate with the seasons and the seasons were meaningful in a way they may not be for … Continue reading the last