KUPU, part two

Looking through my photographs from recent times I realised I forgot to post more photographs of KUPU, the ‘poetry off the page’ installation which I did in the Palmerston North City Library with fellow local poet, Leonel Alvarado. First installment was back HERE, when they had only installed one poem. Here are some photographs of … Continue reading KUPU, part two

Taupo sk8 park

My youngest is into scooting, so I spend quite a bit of time at skate parks, sitting on my hands in order to stop myself picking up all the litter and looking even more like the Mum that I am. (Honestly, these kids drop the litter all around the very prominent rubbish bins. What’s with … Continue reading Taupo sk8 park

eye lollies

Here are some yummy things I’ve spotted around the place over the last coupla weeks. My third sunflower finally bloomed on the weekend, making for a cheerful trio in the front yard. I like the way they look like they are guarding the corn crop… PN’s newest public sculpture cuts a bright dash of colour … Continue reading eye lollies


For all the dark, blazing through the middle of memory is this mad frolic of lights strung up in trees bright colours on the black water. I go back there. I live there when I don’t.       Continue reading homeland