magnolia walk (1)

On Friday the sun came out in that way it only does in spring, with a nip in the air but a novel brightness… I had a squillion things on my to-do list, many things which have been on there for weeks and are now somewhat pressing….and yet….and yet…. I wanted to walk, and walk, … Continue reading magnolia walk (1)

porch sitting

It’s quite the year for foxgloves – they have self-seeded everywhere and are growing tall and pretty, especially around the front porch.  People don’t seem to use front (street-facing) porches, but mine gets the morning sun, so I put a little table made from an old sewing machine base and chair there for morning cups … Continue reading porch sitting


My work is undergoing a significant restructure presently, and there is a lot of stress about. We are having to wait another five weeks before the restructure is finalised and we know what the impact will be on jobs etc. So…. ….I made this (below)  into a little poster for some of my friends at … Continue reading stay…


So yesterday I turned 40. Here is me at three years old. This is my favourite photograph of me as a kid. I’m holding a quail that my father shot. I thought it was asleep. I carried it around and played with it for three days. Mum snuck into my room on the third night, … Continue reading 40

evidence of spring

I had a wander around my garden with my morning coffee today, and there was evidence of spring here and there…   From top: snowdrops, my two magnolia trees, daffodils and swamp-iris. Just as well I took some snaps this morning while it was settled, as now the rain is pelting down and the wind … Continue reading evidence of spring

first steps

I haven’t blogged for a couple of years now and I feel a little rusty, but wow, it is nice to be back in this format. I wrote a (slightly angsty) post about why I stopped my old blog and my feelings about blogging over on Emma’s blog here. Looks like I have moved on from … Continue reading first steps