my first yoga retreat

I spent two days over Easter at a yoga retreat at the studio where I practice, train and teach. We did many hours of yoga, grilled our teacher, Nat, about yoga matters, and did walking and sitting meditations – a lovely way to melt into the Easter break. I fought with a lot of my … Continue reading my first yoga retreat

the garage sale

All summer, as I went through the house room by room, cupboard by cupboard, this corner was full of a growing pile of stuff for a garage sale. It grew and grew and sat there in the corner – reminding me to keep clearing out and to try not to accumulate so much in the … Continue reading the garage sale


Be kind to yourself today. You are doing the best you can. Also, it’s Friday. Let the week slide off you like rainwater… … into the puddle of weekend…. rest. restore. be (Telling you what I need to hear myself today.)     Continue reading compassion