Some background on ‘Write to the Centre’

8 thoughts on “Some background on ‘Write to the Centre’”

  1. When I heard about your book I couldn’t resist! A nice gift for myself. Just what I needed being a mother of an one year-old and needing a bit of creative inspirations from another woman! Thanks a lot for sharing one of your creative process with us. It seems like life always brings those people you need at the right time! Keep on creating: might it be in your writing, your gardening and your mothering! Arohanui


  2. I just stumbled across a reference to your book on a writing retreat blurb. I have ordered it today Helen! It looks exactly like the sort of thing I will enjoy. And I would totally write if no one one else was reading. Although there is a part of me that likes to hope I might reach someone about something someday.


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