what you hold on to

On Sunday the sun came out after two days of heavy rain. Various plants were doing a beautiful job of holding water on their surface…jewel-like, shining in the sun.   I have just two weeks to go of the residency! It’s gone SO FAST. BACK HERE I said I was going to write about it … Continue reading what you hold on to

a portrait of the (visiting) artist as a middle-aged woman

Actually this is mainly photos of the Massey Visiting Artist apartment where I am working during the day, for the curious. (I am always super-nosey about where people work and what residencies are like, so I’m sharing this stuff for those that share my curiousity…) I really enjoyed Sarah Laing’s comics about her residency in 2010. … Continue reading a portrait of the (visiting) artist as a middle-aged woman

a sudden break

I feel like Easter crept up this year, partly because it is actually earlier this year and also because of the drought/summer that never ends. Although it is starting to cool off a little, I’ve only worn shoes and socks twice this year – most unusual! The hot days just keep coming. But here we … Continue reading a sudden break