young communists are people who are out to DO things

Here’s a retro mattress for this week – two seasons in one mattress. Spring and winter.


I was at a friend’s place recently and poking out of a book was this old leaflet for the Young Communist Party of New Zealand. I think it was probably from the 40s or 50s?

I love the graphic on the front, and the promise ‘Get a new lease on life!’ – what political party would promise that these days? Those two people look so happy and optimistic, with their stylised hair and polo-necks.

young_communists young_communists_2




abandoned mattresses


I am op-shopping less ┬álately due to both budgetary constraints and a desire not to fill the house with more stuff, so I haven’t been photographing mattress textiles as much, however recently the mattresses came to me, as some neighbours moved out and left two on their front verge. (Where they then stayed for some weeks, until finally the real estate agent selling the house hauled them away. Isn’t it funny how people think if they leave something on the curb it suddenly counts as ‘rubbish’ and will magically disappear….?)

I love the painterly quality of the first mattress. Classic sixties.

bry_2 bry_3 bry_4

And the second one is interesting how it has a geometric design behind the floral.

bry_5 bry_6

I think I’m slowly getting a reputation as the street’s dotty woman who a) walks up and down the road collecting all the leaves from the communal trees (I make leaf mold from them) with my wheelbarrow b) harvests the comfrey from the front garden of the student flats for fertiliser (I wouldn’t nick someone else’s comfrey if they were using it, but these folk aren’t & the plants regularly get run over by resident’s cars – maybe I should just dig them up and transplant them into my garden? When does ‘foraging’ turn into ‘theft’? I am not beyond nicking plants if I know they are destined for destruction c) grows vegetables in her front garden & along her drive and now d) takes photographs of trash.

I always loved the eccentric old ladies of my town when I was a kid. I think 40 is not too early to cultivate becoming one myself. Also, if I had a personal motto it would be something like ‘thrift before dignity!’ (Can anyone translate that into Latin for me?)

mattress textiles lately

I might have been gadding about enjoying summer lately but it doesn’t mean the mattress project has stopped! Here are some recently spotted mattress textiles:

mat_2 mat_1


My favourite of this batch is that last one – the rose is wonderfully bright and then look at that insane background – turquoise, hot pink, gray….woah! ┬áThere’s even a white paisley in there. Love it.

You can see the whole ‘Mattresses in Second Hand Shops’ pool of photographs HERE.