abandoned mattresses

5 thoughts on “abandoned mattresses”

  1. Wow, those two are beautiful, good finds! The inorganic collection has just started in my neighbourhood so I’ve been doing a bit of dotty mattress photography too & may have shrieked with delight at a gorgeous orange mattress on the side of the road the other day!


  2. Yes, I’ve been admiring the mattresses around here thanks to the inorganic rubbish collection and the other day I saw the most splendid square of axminster carpet – red, orange green – but I was on my bicycle. I was going to go back in the car… but I didn’t and now it’s raining. Ah well. Beautiful prints you’ve found!


  3. I know this contravenes your whole tidy street aesthetic but next time, get out there in the middle of the night with a craft knife and strip that mattress of its awesome material!


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