abandoned mattresses


Some neighbours moved out and left two mattresses on their front verge. (Where they then stayed for some weeks, until finally the real estate agent selling the house hauled them away. Isn’t it funny how people think if they leave something on the curb it suddenly counts as ‘rubbish’ and will magically disappear….?)

I love the painterly quality of the first mattress. Classic sixties.

bry_2 bry_3 bry_4

And the second one is interesting how it has a geometric design behind the floral.

bry_5 bry_6

I think I’m slowly getting a reputation as the street’s dotty woman who a) walks up and down the road collecting all the leaves from the communal trees (I make leaf mold from them) with my wheelbarrow b) harvests the comfrey from the front garden of the student flats for fertiliser (I wouldn’t nick someone else’s comfrey if they were using it, but these folk aren’t & the plants regularly get run over by resident’s cars – maybe I should just dig them up and transplant them into my garden? When does ‘foraging’ turn into ‘theft’? I am not beyond nicking plants if I know they are destined for destruction c) grows vegetables in her front garden & along her drive and now d) takes photographs of trash.

5 responses to “abandoned mattresses”

  1. Wow, those two are beautiful, good finds! The inorganic collection has just started in my neighbourhood so I’ve been doing a bit of dotty mattress photography too & may have shrieked with delight at a gorgeous orange mattress on the side of the road the other day!


  2. Yes, I’ve been admiring the mattresses around here thanks to the inorganic rubbish collection and the other day I saw the most splendid square of axminster carpet – red, orange green – but I was on my bicycle. I was going to go back in the car… but I didn’t and now it’s raining. Ah well. Beautiful prints you’ve found!


  3. I know this contravenes your whole tidy street aesthetic but next time, get out there in the middle of the night with a craft knife and strip that mattress of its awesome material!


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