cape gooseberries

A friend gave me a spare Cape Gooseberry bush at the start of summer and it has settled in nicely to my garden. I’ve recently had the first fruits off it – the taste of the berries, which I haven’t eaten for many years, took me right back to being a kid. I used to … Continue reading cape gooseberries

the next step

‘Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.’ -Chuck Close Halfway through last year I started work on my second book. The first book was out of my hands while  it was being edited, laid out and designed. I had some notion of what I wanted the second … Continue reading the next step

Inportent read!

(Cover of a note by Willoughby. Spelling is not his strong point.) The Comforter has been reviewed! New Zealand poet, reviewer and academic Sarah Jane Barnett reviewed it today on her blog, The Red Room HERE. She says (among other thoughtful things) “…the collection is heartfelt, relatable and authentic.” Thanks so much for being the … Continue reading Inportent read!

manifest poetry

Yesterday I found a bird skull in the garden while I was weeding. I like the way there is a little patch of feathers on the top of it’s head, like a macabre toupee. In one of those cases of art foreshadowing life, I wrote a poem a long while back about digging up bird … Continue reading manifest poetry