‘The Comforter’ has a cover!

My book is going to print at the end of this week! I can’t believe it.

Helen Rickerby, who owns Seraph Press and edited the book, has somehow made the process of editing and co-ordinating the book (seem) effortless AND even fun. She is a wonderful editor who really gets behind the poets she publishes, deeply engages with the writing and works to present the poetry in the best possible way.

So anyway, drum roll please, here is the cover! (There is much more to Sarah Laing’s design than just the front cover – there is a beautiful back cover, book flaps, inside cover and illustrations within – however – I want to leave some of it as a surprise for the ‘in real life’ experience of the book!)

So for now, here’s the front:

The textile art is by Melissa Wastney, a friend whose artwork I love very much.The book design is by multi-talented writer/designer/visual artist Sarah Laing.

I wanted something for the cover that combined my love of nature and textiles, and which was elegant and understated. I think Sarah has more than achieved that. Thanks so much, Sarah! I love the texture and wrinkles of the slubby linen and the way the trees look like they could be underground…

(The book will be launched in Palmerston North on the 2nd December and in Wellington on the 3rd December. Launch details to come.)


22 thoughts on “‘The Comforter’ has a cover!

  1. Yes, Melissa’s (snowflake) trees are wonderful and I can’t wait to see Sarah’s illustrations on the ” beautiful back cover, book flaps, inside cover and within” …. mmm book flaps…I’ve got it on pre-order, better send Seraph the cheque now i come to think of it!


  2. helen, i’ve arrived here through Melissa’s links. Your book look interesting and I have a friend that might like this. I think it would make a lovely present, but is there anyway I could see your poetry. Your style that is. Not asking for you to reveal what’s in the book, but any work that you have already published or uploaded.

    thanks, Tiel


    1. Hi Tiel-
      Hey, nice to see your comment – I love your art work!

      Here are some links to poems (the final link – reconfigurations, you have to scroll down a ways before you hit the poems):




      Hope that gives you enough of a taster.



  3. I have to say that while the cover picture looks pretty here, it is NOTHING to the gorgeousness that the actual book is, when complete with back cover, flaps, and especially the inside cover. It may just be the most beautiful book ever, though I am somewhat biased.

    Thank you for your lovely words – I hope it has been fun. I’ve certainly enjoyed working with your words, and you, very much.


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