a sudden break

I feel like Easter crept up this year, partly because it is actually earlier this year and also because of the drought/summer that never ends. Although it is starting to cool off a little, I’ve only worn shoes and socks twice this year – most unusual! The hot days just keep coming. But here we … Continue reading a sudden break

Poetry reading in Valhalla

I’ve always wanted to visit the great heavenly hall of the Norse gods, so am very honoured to be not only visiting, but reading poetry there this Sunday. I wonder if we will be served  Sæhrímnir? (A boar-like beast cooked & eaten each day in Valhalla, which then appears whole again in the morning.) Of course … Continue reading Poetry reading in Valhalla

the future

    (flowers i got for my birthday) Have you seen the movie, Miranda July’s ‘The Future’? TRAILER HERE. It seems none of my friends have and I really want to talk about it! The film was irritating in some ways and yet it left a big impression on me. There was a scene where … Continue reading the future

share a little light

…entertainment. It’s one of those times where I feel like I have nothing to say and everything to say which makes it hard to say anything. Therefore – here’s some happiness from around the internet which has distracted amused me recently: I love Clover and Sage’s ‘Manifesto of the Conscious Queen’ – I like it so much … Continue reading share a little light

art will eat itself

I am working on two writing projects at the moment (around the day job, the kids, the endless house-keeping and cooking)…..(‘oh to be a writer, a real writer!’ to quote Katherine Mansfield.) One is my next collection of poems and the other is less simple – a project involving over a decade of journals. I … Continue reading art will eat itself

the god-shaped hole

One of my favourite writers, Anne Lamott writes often about ‘the god-shaped hole’ inside us – the  abyss inside us which yearns for spiritual connection or deep acceptance but which we will fill with almost anything else….drugs, drink, food, social media, hoarding stuff, being too busy, seeking peer or parental approval, hollow ambition, procrastination….we throw … Continue reading the god-shaped hole

Inportent read!

(Cover of a note by Willoughby. Spelling is not his strong point.) The Comforter has been reviewed! New Zealand poet, reviewer and academic Sarah Jane Barnett reviewed it today on her blog, The Red Room HERE. She says (among other thoughtful things) “…the collection is heartfelt, relatable and authentic.” Thanks so much for being the … Continue reading Inportent read!