Some random stuff from recently: Every time I pass these Mexican sodas in the supermarket I have to talk myself out of buying some. The internal conversation goes like this: ‘I love the packaging on those! I want them! It would be like a mini-trip to Mexico!’ ‘Helen, … Continue reading lately

busy doesn’t mean important, it just means busy

Last week was one of those running-just-to-keep-up weeks…one of those not-enough-time-to-get-enough-sleep weeks, one of those ‘please no one ask me to do anything else, I’m full to over-flowing weeks’….one of those laundry-mountain, dirty dishes, empty fridge and cupboard weeks… WHEW. I don’t like being like that, because it isn’t really BE-ing, it’s just all busy … Continue reading busy doesn’t mean important, it just means busy

the god-shaped hole

One of my favourite writers, Anne Lamott writes often about ‘the god-shaped hole’ inside us – the ¬†abyss inside us which yearns for spiritual connection or deep acceptance but which we will fill with almost anything else….drugs, drink, food, social media, hoarding stuff, being too busy, seeking peer or parental approval, hollow ambition, procrastination….we throw … Continue reading the god-shaped hole

my first yoga retreat

I spent two days over Easter at a yoga retreat at the studio where I practice, train and teach. We did many hours of yoga, grilled our teacher, Nat, about yoga matters, and did walking and sitting meditations – a lovely way to melt into the Easter break. I fought with a lot of my … Continue reading my first yoga retreat

open heart

(Life is) “…a slow, elated, awed recovery from humiliation.” -Geoff Cochrane On New Year’s Eve we climbed the hill behind the house and drank wine until the sun had gone. I gnawed on grass stems because they tasted like peas. When clouds crossed the moon, I couldn’t see your face and you talked about the … Continue reading open heart